Kingham is uniquely situated in a remote mountain-valley at the head-waters of two major river-systems. It is close to Brisbane International Airport with daily access to LAX and DFW as well as many other international destinations, yet it is hidden from the outside world by the surrounding 100 000’s of acres of national forest.


12 game species
world’s biggest rusa
native animals

Hunting. Kingham’s lightly timbered rolling hills and moderate climate are ideally suited to all the Australian deer and is the breeding ground of the world’s largest rusa, plus 11 other species including sambar, hog deer, buffalo, moluccan rusa, axis, red stag, fallow and blackbuck antelope.

Comfort. Kingham has a purpose-built dining room, commercial-grade kitchen and private bedrooms with en-suite and heating. (click here for photos)

Non-hunting. See lots of kangaroos, wallabies and other Australian native animals including, if you’re lucky, a reclusive koala or platypus. Relax on safari in the newly refurbished hunting lodge.

Sightseeing. Kingham is close to some of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Australia including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, the Croc Hunter’s zoo and the Great Barrier Reef.