Great Barrier Reef islands

Hunting in Australia doesn’t get better than this. Your own private island, challenging free-range hunting with game animals in abundance, spectacular views, a sub-tropical climate, beach-front lodging and fishing. To top it off, Marble Island has produced the biggest free-range trophies of the South Pacific.


These islands are located off the east coast of Australia amongst the coral shoals of the Great Barrier Reef. They are a group of four privately owned islands, all of which have deer on them.
The main species to hunt are javan rusa, sambar, blackbuck and axis.
The islands are well suited for hunting. The hills are steep and provide good vantage points for glassing. There is a good mix of thick cover for browsing and shelter and open hill-sides for grazing. A lack of predators means an abundance of game. All this combined with a reliable sea-breeze gives the hunter a great opportunity to test his or her stalking and shooting skills.

private island
beach-side accommodation
sub-tropical climate
on the Great Barrier Reef
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