Blackbuck Antelope


Blackbuck Antelope (Antilope cervicapra)
Appearance: Blackbuck are a graceful and handsome antelope with contrasting dark-and-white colouration. Although the females and young are a fawn and white colour,  males turn black and white at maturity.

Weight: 35-50 kgs (75-110 lbs).

Height: 80 cms (32 ins.)

Horns: are long, closely ringed and cork-screw shaped, with 3-4 tight twists.

Trophy size: Measurement is taken around the curl of the horn. A mature buck has 3-4 twists. Scores vary depending on the tightness of the curl.

History: Native to the plains of India and Pakistan they were introduced to several locations in Australia during the early 1900’s.

Hunting Blackbuck in Australia: As with many antelope species blackbuck depend on their excellent eye-sight and fleetness-of-foot for defense.  They like open country and are a small target making them a challenging trophy.