Fallow Buck

Fallow Buck (Dama dama)

Appearance: Fallow are medium-sized with more colour variations than any other deer. The three main colours in Australia are black, white and reddish-brown with white spots.

Weight: 65-90kgs (150-200lbs).

Height: 90cms (36inches)

Antlers: They have brow and trez tines and are usually well palmated.

Trophy size: SCI has included a palm measurement with a multiplication factor to award extra palm growth.

History: There have been many liberations throughout Australia the first of which was around 1850, with stock originating from England, Denmark, Sweden and Greece.

Hunting Fallow in Australia: During the March-April rut they roar and grunt, and fight aggressively and are prone to breaking points. We spot-and-stalk.