Top Tens

The Record Book speaks for us

It’s one thing to hunt Australia. It’s another to hunt the best Australia has to offer. Kingham Safaris has consistently produced the biggest trophies in Australia, but don’t take our word for it, here’s what the SCI record book has to say…



Trophies Taken with Kingham Safaris
Javan Rusa
Typical 11 of the top 12
Non-typical  9 of the top 10
Moluccan Rusa
Typical  7 of the top 10
Non-typical 10 of the top 10
Sambar   9 of the top 20
Hog deer
Typical 14 of the top 20
Non-typical    4 of the top 5
Axis  8 of the top 10
Blackbuck  9 of the top 10

* Current SCI record book South Pacific Region

Kingham Safaris has developed a reputation for growing big heads and providing high-quality hunts. This is no accident. We have been in the safari business for over 35 years and our reputation is important to us. We are serious about quality. We hunt our areas exclusively, and manage our herds: we limit the number of trophies taken each season, allowing young males to grow to their full potential, and selectively remove poor genetics.

All of this is reflected in the number of trophies taken with us that are high-up in the record book. Also, as has been noted by our clients who have tried other options, it means a “management” trophy with Kingham Safaris is better than many full-priced trophies elsewhere.

With Kingham Safaris you’ll find out what a big rusa really looks like.